Overheat Protection

The overheat protection is another helpful safety feature which is mounted on the electrical circuit of the products to prevent unexpected malfunctions due to misuse or accidental defects. For the models working with thermostat, this feature detects when the heater reach unsafe temperature other than predetermined room temperature, the unit this case the glass surface will never reach over excessive temperature level and create any risk. All products in our range are equipped with this feature.

Dual AG+ Technology

Glass Panel Infrared Heater have invisible heating element. The glass itself is the heat generating unit with concealed silver molecules inside. Thanks to this technology, the heater is generated inside the unit without any loss and electricity is transformed to heat with 99.9% efficiency.

Antibacterial Effect of Silver Ion Technology

Silver Ion Technology (Ag+) demonstrates to be a highly effective defense to many diseases which are reality of our world today. Silver Ion Technology (Ag+) is non-toxic to the environment, safe for plants, pets and humans whereas it is deadly to viruses and bacteria.

Residual Heat Indicator (2 Levels)

The heating surface, even after it is switched off, will be a guide to user for the safe run. An indicator ‘h’ is easily visible on the display warning you that the zone is still hot and ‘h’ indicating the surface is not cool enough for a safe touch. Just wait and let your Glass Panel Infrared Heater allow you to touch by switching off ‘h’.

EQ Heating System

Plasma heaters working with Isothermal Heat Bath principle have bigger surfaces therefore can create Far Infrared Rays at an angle of 180°C throughout the room. Thanks to this principle, there exists equal temperature in every segment in the room whether it is ceiling or floor.


In case of an accidental fracture of glass heating surface, the sensor cuts the electric supply and prevents the any potential injury.

IPX4 Water Resistant Standard

You can use your towel dryers or heaters in bathroom safely relying on their water resistant design approved with IPX4 rating.

Mechanical Control

For those who are not familiar with the digital world but prefer easy to use control. Haustek offers mechanical control models. Simply touch, that is it!

Electronic Control

Electronic control system can be activated and adjusted by a control pin or a remote control. Having 4 power levels, it allows rapid responses to sudden temperature changes in the room to keep consistent heat.

Wireless Room Thermostat

Simple an effective wireless room thermostats can be placed anywhere in the home to detect and control the temperature of an area of the user’s choice.