Energy Efficient Products

With our energy saving panel heaters, you will not just change a heater, you can change the world. besides it will offer an opportunity for reducing your energy costs. Haustek products helps in saving up to 40% of energy as compare to other conventional electric heating systems. We bring solutions to maximize output and minimize cost. Haustek Glass Infrared Panel Heaters are long-lasting and not subject to structural deterioration

Environment FYiendly Products

In our rapidfy changing world, conscious of protecting the planet is gaining more and more importance each day. Choosing energy heater is one of many ways to contribute to this protection and make your home a greener place.

Electricity sustains its priority by being one of the most preferred clean energy sources. Heaters working with traditional electricity generation are responsible for the emission of several chemicals that cause deterioration of human health and similar consequences for the environment. For this reason, ongoing increase of air pollution force us to head towards clean energy sources, therefore: we have the intention of spreading the perception and apprehension of turning to good purpose to both individual and environment by reducing our impact on climate change.

Just as you would consider performance, price and style when purchasing a household appliance, it is important to consider the environmental qualities each product has to offer. All Haustek Glass Panel Infrared Heaters are compliant with the European Standards and manufactured using environment friendly and technologically advanced healthy components. Haustek uses materials and production methods that not disrupt the environmental balance. The structures of the heating panels are made with 100% recycled glasses.

Smell Elimination

The air we breathe in today contains many living microorganisms such as bacteria, virus and mold that cause many illnesses like asthma, sore throat, headaches, dizziness and allergies. Haustek new generation technology owing to its working principle like a sun. also solves odor problems in your home. In essence, we leave many fabric types to air in the sun. bearing this principle in mind our Glass Panel Infrared Heaters uses silver ions to eliminate microorganism, while sun does the same. When microorganism is exposed to far infrared, the silver ions penetrate into the microorganism and the life span of most of them is shortened because of their weakened metabolisms. Result is fresh and odor-free zones thanks to silver ions providing strong anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects.

Antibacterial Effect of Silver Ion Technology

The new Silver Technology (Dual Ag+) is giving us a new standpoint that suits to our 21st century perspective. Silver which is called now; ionic silver - is being used as the new antimicrobial wonder in dealing with viral and bacterial in both medicine and industry. Silver Technology (Dual Ag+) demonstrates to be a highly effective defense to many diseases which are reality of our world today. Since early civilization, silver has been known to have antimicrobial qualities. Before the invention of modern antibiotics, silver v/as commonly used as a germ fighter. Today, ionic silver is increasingly being recognized for its antimicrobial qualities and the fact that it does not present any side-effects related to antibiotics. Dual Ag+ Technology is non-toxic to the environment, safe for plants, pets and humans whereas it is deadly to viruses and bacteria. All bacteria have a kind of enzyme like a lung that provides getting oxygen. Silver ions disable these enzymes and prevent them from taking oxygen. This act suffocates bacteria and kills them within 6 minutes and leaves surrounding unaffected.