Dual Ag+ Heating Technology becomes a primary solution for gradually increasing resistant infections and bacteria in the closed populated public buildings such as hospitals. schools and reception rooms.

Haustek's reliable technology infrared heating panels prevent the transmission of bacteria and elevate the immunity of our bodies against diseases. Large areas can be heated selectively so only the areas occupied by people are heated. not the entire space.
Haustek Glass Panel Infrared Heating Panels are used to heat:

  • Residential & Industrial Buildings

  • Offices

  • Bathrooms and Rest Rooms

  • Reception Areas

  • Hotel Rooms

  • Schools and Classrooms

  • Hospitals

  • Display and Exhibiton Areas •Shops

  • Fitness Centers and Yoga Studios

  • Garages. Sheds and Workshops

  • Agricultural - Greenhouses •Barns

  • Pet Shops and Veterinary Clinics

  • Caravans and Boats

  • Factories

  • Places of Worship

Operating Theatres and many other places too...