Far infrared rays are invisible and easily absorbed by materials and human body as they create vibration actions against the organic molecules. Far infrared rays just like sun rays penetrate deep into our skin and warm us. This heating action helps getting rid of germs that lead to various diseases by accelerating blood circulation and improving cell generation. Additionally, when these rays have contact with protein cells, by shaking these protein molecules, they help to promote physiological functions.

People with rheumatism are easily affected by unstable air conditions such as air circulation and atmospheric humidity. Since the air conditions are homogenous in a room atmosphere in which Far Infrared Heater is used, people with rheumatism have less pain. On the other side, people with respiratory complaints of asthma and such like, need dust free environment and stable humidity. Thanks to Far Infrared Glass Panel Heaters, no air currents are created so the dust is not carried along the room.

Other health effect can be lined up as promoting perspiration, reduce pains, besides preventing mold, dehumidification.

  • Decreases joint stiffness directly:
  • Relieves muscle spasms;
  • It may lead to increase endorphin production which produces pain relief:
  • Helps improving blood circulation;
  • Improves the immune system:
  • Reduces stress and fatigue:
  • Removes toxins and mineral waste: • Deep cleansing the skin